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Unannounced Project in the Works and Excore in UE5!

Shedding Light on an Unannounced Project Set in the Wolfthorn Universe...

With Wolfthorn still being in heavy development, we’ve decided to expand a bit upon our state of development by introducing a new, smaller title into our development cycle set in the Wolfthorn universe. The project’s name is still unannounced, although Aerix Art Games hopes to release a public announcement trailer by either Q4 2024 or Q1 2025. It will be the first game of the franchise to be released on Steam, and later perhaps other platforms as well. To keep up to date, we recommend you join our public Discord to stay on top of everything Wolfthorn, Aerix Art Games projects, and more!

Excore Being Shown in UE5 for the First Time!

The beginning of this month, we also showcased some screenshots showing Excore in UE5 for the first time and the results are stunning! Being originally developed inside of the Unreal Engine 4, Excore was created as an open-world proof of concept more or less, for a wasteland style RPG created by Aerix Art Games a couple of years back.

Since then, while it has not been our primary focus in development; it’s still shown to be an interest to some of our players in the community. So we decided to test the world map so far inside of UE5, and were amazed by the results. Even with little to no tweaks, Lumen allows the scene to be more vibrant than ever. We hope to show this off in further depth in one of our upcoming live streams for the community to interact with. For those of you new to the project, you can check out the public development build on here: as well.

As always thank you all for taking the time to walk through this community post with us, and may you have an amazing day!

– Connor from Aerix Art Games

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