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The City Rooftops LD Project

About the Project

Created February, 2024 - Unreal Engine 5

The City Rooftops is a stealth-influenced espionage action shooter level design (block-out) project where you play as a covert special operations soldier instructed to find and extract a special data drive containing secret files on the US Military by a rogue-militia terrorist syndicate in the city. You are also ordered to find and kill the one they call “The Playwright” who is in charge of the local syndicate. He is rumored to be staying in his villa just across from the old commercial building off of Clements Street in the city, likely even being in the same room as where the data drive is located.

It pays some homage to the original Splinter Cell game with its familiar action espionage-esque level design. With the city police locking down on the area because of the suspicions of this terrorist syndicate, things get even more dangerous for you as the player, and you are forced to sneak around them or knock them out. The police cannot be killed, or you will fail your mission. If the police see you though, they will shoot on sight. Your mission is to get to the data drive, try sticking to the rooftops, shadows, take out / kill any rogue militia and knock out police force that stands in your way.

  • The goal of this project was to showcase the design of a game level following the summary described above. Gameplay aspects such as the player character, weapon systems, and AI were developed by Jakub W, built upon the Advanced Locomotion System (ALS) by Caleb Longmire. My work was all on the design / blockout process, implementation, and execution of these systems in the area of level design with this project.
  • The project was created and finished in under a week. *The project uses IWALS (a complex extension of the ALS system for Unreal Engine) as it’s base for gameplay related mechanics, you can view the system here:
  • Music Rights belong to Ubisoft. Tracks come from the game titled: “Splinter Cell” released in 2002. All music tracks are strictly used for demo and entertainment purposes.

Thank you for checking out the project.

– Connor from Aerix Art Games

Level Design Document

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