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Unreal Engine 4 and 5 Level Design Service Basic


My goal here is to provide my customers with the most well crafted levels, level designs, world creations and maps for your game or project with my several years of knowledge inside of the Unreal Engine.

*Please read my FAQ below before proceeding*

I will deliver hand-made, professionally designed environments inside of Unreal Engine 4 or 5 based on a few factors.

What you’ll Get with this Package:

A complete small world, level or environment will be delivered inside of Unreal Engine. (100×100) approx.

Know the following:

  • I will use any assets the client provides me or assets that are publicly available to all already / and or have shared licenses. I also have a large asset collection on my end (should still share licenses), so I am happy to work alongside clients with those I am licensed to do so as well depending on the target purpose of the project per the client.
  • I expect the following to be at hand if you are interested in an order: proper level concepts, a fixed asset database (meaning, that you know what you’ll be granting me to use for this project prior to the order taking place) and that you do not request I model your entire level for you by hand. This is specifically a level design service, NOT a 3D modeling one (exceptions within reason).
  • Level blueprints can be included (this means cinematics, blueprints to help in level functionality, and PFX).

Size approximation according to the package are accurately measured and from maps already created prior. Any questions, ask away!


  • Is professional lighting, detailing and things like decal work included?
    • Yes, everything from lighting, to detailing and post-process work is included for every package I offer here on this gig.
  • Do you offer re-consultations and bug fixes?
    • Currently I offer up to one re-consultation and one bug fix session per existing client within 30 days of the client project’s finish date.
  • Do you communicate in other languages?
    • Nope, I am a native English speaker and that’s all currently.
  • Do you work in engines outside of Unreal Engine 4 or 5?
    • Nope. This service is created for Unreal Engine users specifically.
  • Do you have an accessible portfolio?
    • Yes! Through my website on the following page: *You can also view my speed-build playlist from YouTube channel here as well for a live look at some of my personal work:
  • Will you 3D model the whole level from scratch as well?
    • No. This is NOT an environment art service, this service focuses solely on the purpose of pure level design. This, I try to make very clear for everyone who visits this page. However I will make exceptions to do some specific models from time to time based on project scales.
  • When are you generally available for work?
    • You can see a general layout of this in my profile’s about summary. Alternatively, it’s the following on most weeks: *My Hours: General work days are weekdays, and hours usually range from 9:00 A.M. to 6 P.M. EST during the week excluding weekends.
  • Do you do any NFT, Metaverse or Crypto related connectivity / flow in your work?
    • Short answer; no. This is an on the rise topic in the industry, I don’t involve myself in any of it. Now, if you want me to just do level design work for whatever you want to do after, that is fine, just don’t think I’m going to take any of it into consideration during. I design levels, that’s it.
  • Will you work with Unreal modkits / devkits?
    • Short answer; no. It’s just not something I’ll generally do for a number of reasons, but just to clarify here, I do not.


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