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What are Partner Games?

Partner games are game titles that I, as the owner / founder of Aerix Art Games have had the pleasure of working on during my years in the industry, while still running Aerix Art Games during the development of these titles. Some of them I am actually still a part of to this day!

*Partner games are NOT property of Aerix Art Games and are owned by their respective developers, publishers and all other involved parties.

Warmonium - Early ACcess Released 2023

Developed BY LEKSEN ENGINEERING and Published By Leksen

Welcome to the Cosmic Realm…

Enter the world of Warmonium, a turn-based tactical strategy game that offers an engaging experience for fans of strategical war-game genres and fantasy lovers alike. With online team-oriented multiplayer combat and an advanced multilevel pathfinding system, Warmonium draws inspiration from board games of the late 90’s to early 2000’s.

I was responsible for all lead level design, UI / UMG, as well as multiple other design areas of the project. I worked closely with our tile-map editor, mentored other level designers and created all the environments for all of the official maps in the game.

View the official Steam game page and start your battle by clicking the image on the left!


Developed and Published By Saxon Software

New York, 2082

Thirty years after the end of a zombie apocalypse, humanity is left with a new species to contend with. NYPD detectives Sonja Vargas and Lilith Troy risk everything to keep the peace and bring justice to a world set on a knife’s edge between life and death.

I worked on Dead Heat’s core inventory system, AI, UI / UMG and other various areas of the project as a generalist developer.

View the official Steam game page by clicking the image on the left!

Wizard Bros - Early Access Released 2021

Developed and Published By Caspian Interactive

Have fun with up to four of your Wizard Bros in this action packed party brawler.

Wizard Bros is a fun multiplayer PvP Party Brawler where you battle it out the against evil snowmen as well your own Wizard Bros. Fight it out against your friends or find random Wizard Bros from around the world!

I was responsible for designing some of the core levels, introducing gameplay mechanics such as environmental hazards, testing and creating early maps for this game for use in the final production.

View the official Steam game page and begin fighting other wizards by clicking the image on the left!

Station Unknown - TBR 2024

Developed and Published By Necro Games

Welcome to The Station

As a new employee of the Station Unknown – you’ll have to learn and adapt to the new challenges of the night shift. You’re on your own, manage to meet expectations of the clients by fulfilling your night shift tasks and serving customers. At the same time you’ll have to face the darkness surrounding the station. Meet the dangers coming to take your life. There’s more to it than meets the eye – stay alert and look for the clues that will help you escape this nightmare.

I was, and still am in charge of being the lead level designer of the project, prototyping maps layouts, technical art knowledge and creation of all game map environments.

View the official Steam game page by clicking the image on the left!

Second Chance - Demo Released 2023

Developed and Published By TTang Design

From the Past Shadow to the Light Ahead…

Second Chance is a beat them up game that tells the story of a teenager’s journey of growing up. In this game, the player plays as a rebellious teenager-Tom-who is unsatisfied with his life but was granted a second chance.

The player traverses through Tom’s home, school and workplace, confronting and fighting everyone along the way. In this journey, Tom realizes that he has been ignoring the love and care coming from his family and friends, and his biggest enemy is his rebellious teenage ego.

View the official game page by clicking the image on the left!

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