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Wolfthorn - Early Access Coming (IN DEVELOPMENT / TBD)

Wolfthorn, is an open-world fantasy RPG taking place in the fantastical lands of Arden, where you decide what lies in store…

You play as Areyu, the son of a commanding general of the Ardenian forces making up the free peoples of the Midian-Earth. When tragedy strikes at youth, all is lost for young Areyu, and he is forced to grow up as an even stronger warrior to fight back the ruthlessness of pure evil and become a living legend amongst the history of the world for vengeance, glory and remembrance above all else. What he realizes in the end, is there is much more than just those things.

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Erithium - Early Access Coming (IN DEVELOPMENT / TBD)

In Erithium, you are stuck in a time loop across the 20th century fighting evil to save the future of mankind.

Erithium is a single player / local co-op, story driven survival horror game where you are stuck in a backwards time loop across the 20th century, fighting the face of the utmost wacky, bizarre and dire evil in order to save the planet from a Doctor by the name of Ivan D. Wessel, also known as “The Archefather”, and restore peace to the Earth so you can save the 21st Century. 

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Excore - (In Development / TBD)

Excore is a singleplayer wasteland-oriented open world, post-apocalyptic survival role-playing game.

The super continent of Amouraa is all that remains of the Earth, and with it, a massive land of wonder; spanning hundreds of ecosystems, terrifying weather conditions and unnatural scales of once normal creatures and animals of the Earth. It is the year 2502, and the world is a nature defying, wasteland of many ecosystems beyond our imagination previous. Prehistoric life meets the dawn of men, and the rules of Earth had been rewritten; mankind is mixed with other alien beings, robots and machines of a new ancient technology are on the rise of new industry of the past beginning… And nearly 500 years after the world was flipped from nature to beast, you are born, spoken to be the legend of the New Earth you will become, and your journey has just begun. Welcome, to Amouraa, warrior.

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Jackhorse - (In Development / TBD)

Jackhorse is a gritty story-driven third person action-stealth shooter taking place in retro, eighties Miami crime-action.

It’s the early 80s and crime is ablaze amongst the streets of Miami City. You are an undercover police officer by the name of Tony Malcom, a well respected leading officer of the force and family man above all else. When terrible fate hits home and destroys all that he loves, things change for Tony and the city…forever. It takes place in the blazing, action filled heat of Miami-vice era Florida, following the story of ex-PD Officer Tony Malcom in a massive fictional Miami-inspired city called Viceport City.

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POWERGLOVE - Released 2021 (Epic Megajam Entry)

POWERGLOVE is a TPS with a sci-fi, eighties aesthetic and fast paced, heart pumping gameplay created for the Epic Megajam 2021.

When a cyborg-soldier is met with near death amidst a failed mission to an enemy outpost, the mission goes south, and his squadron is taken captive. Being occupied by an evil federation known as the VOLTEGA forces; among a remote planet in the galaxy, he is brought into captivity with his squadron and the woman he loved and tortured into submission with them. Eventually, the enemy turns him from a cyborg, into a full-bodied cyber soldier, only…they forgot the Volteka grade AI chip, and left what was known as the “Power Glove” too damn close.

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GLIDE - (In Development / TBD)

GLIDE is a military First-person singleplayer, AI-driven squad-based shooter set in suspenseful atmospheres.

You play as leader of a squad that is part of a secretive military branch under the United States government known as G.L.I.D.E. . The sole purpose of this branch; being to wipe out what is to be considered more “unnatural” cases of domestic terrorism, or just pure evil among the states that goes unsolved, unnoticed or unheard of.

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Dash Everest and the Temple of the Serpent Staff - RELEASED 2023 (EPIC MEGAJAM ENTRY)

Dash Everest and the Temple of the Serpent Staff is a short, First-person platformer game with light puzzle elements created for the Epic Megajam 2023.

The year is 1959 and you are a young, world renown archaeologist by the name of Dash Everest, who has found himself in a remote South American Jungle in search of an ancient artifact known as the Serpent Staff. In search of the staff, you come across the ruins of Zenith, rumors of what used to be part of an ancient city; visited by beings not of this world. As you grow closer to your discovery, you realize there is more to the ruins than the bearings of its artifacts, and perhaps of interest to other beings that may indeed be not of this world. Will you find the Serpent Staff to uncover the secrets of the past and future?

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