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To End a Year and Begin Another…

Reflection and Plans for 2024

This past year has been one of many achievements, many ups, downs and strides in the development of our games; namely Wolfthorn which is still our main project, and largest one announced to-date. Going forward in the new year, our aim is to continue Wolfthorn’s development heavily alongside some unannounced, smaller projects that may release at some point this year. We want to take a moment to thank each and every single one of you for supporting our work as well as what we aim to achieve in the space of not just video games, but everything creative which is what we stand for all in all.

To end a year, and begin another…thank you to everyone who has stuck around and I look forward greatly as always for what is to come yet. Cheers and a happy new year to all, – Connor

– Connor from Aerix Art Games

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