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Hookshot Grapple Demo

About the Project

Created May, 2022 - Unreal Engine 5

This project was a very WIP version of a hookshot grapple mechanic that simulated the movement of a boomerang according to your looking rotation. It features a simple retrieval mechanic also, no animations are visualized for this sample. It also utilized a physics cable to show rudimentary visualization of where a chain might appear for the grapple hook.

Known issues include blocking collision issues, the hook retrieval going through meshes, and some other things I never had the time to go around and fix. The project was never quite finished but it still represented the idea I wanted to get across, which was an early version of a grapplehook boomerang prototype.

I was responsible for all of the mechanics, demo levels, and created the hookshot grappling system from the ground up using blueprints in Unreal Engine 5.

Thank you for checking out the demo,

– Connor from Aerix Art Games

Preferred System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 Home or Above
  • Renderer: DX 12 Capable GPU.
  • Graphics: 4 Gb Video Memory or Higher
  • Memory: 8 Gb or Higher
  • Processor: N/ A

Download the Technical Demo

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