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Epic Megajam 2023 GDD Sample

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A simple, short, yet descriptive GDD sample that was created in under a few days for Epic’s Megajam 2023. It was made for a project that started out as an entirely different game, so this GDD more shows what the game was intended to be in the beginning; prior to what it ended up being due to time restrictions. At the end of the document, are visible examples of this and how it ended up the way it did.

The goal of this GDD was to in the beginning outline the theme for all associated team members that were to work on the project, then cover all main points of interest for the kind of game we could see ourselves fulfilling and enjoy making within our time frame for the project. The end result was of course a bit different due to circumstances given, but this goes to show how we can adapt and quickly formulate existing game design ideas into new ones that still work, while fitting our time frame in a manageable way of completion.

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