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We create ambitious, open-world video game experiences for the world to enjoy.

Challenge the Playground.

We lay the ground works, tell the story and you write your own adventures, tales and memories. Our passion is creating ambitiously large, open world titles and games that stand out from the crowd. Part of our goal as a games developer and publisher is breaking the lines between what we think can be achieved, and what can be created for the world to love, remember and enjoy.


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Aerix Art Games may be a one man army (mostly) as of current date, but we’re going to bring an armada with that army. As the founder and owner of Aerix Art Games and all of our current works, projects and games; I can stand by the notion every bit of creation is made ripe with passion, drive and great perseverance.


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So, who are we and what do we do?

Here at Aerix Art Games, (currently solely managed by myself, Connor J. I.; aka, Aerix), we create various game titles, game development / Unreal Engine videos, tutorials and video game + game development live streams, and write influential literary works for the world to enjoy and with us ending in taking pride in every single product, work, or game we deliver.

We also act as a game, film and real time industry assets provider. Creating various art packs as well as code, script and gameplay systems for professional projects of all types on platforms such as the Unreal Engine marketplace, CG Trader and soon also; the Unity Asset Store.


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Aerix Art Games and my sub-branch (publishing), Aerix Art Media Group, believes in a persistently positive work ethic and company foundation. Focusing on providing the best services, content, games, products and more to our consumers and audiences. The most important thing to us is consumer satisfaction, and product fulfillment; ensuring every product or content material we release to the public meets it’s said standards and beyond. Where in the end, we strive to make the best out of both the consumer and business ends of our company.

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